Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wataniya Launched the BlackBerry Service

Finally, Wataniya launched their BlackBerry service, subscribe now and get 1 month free, nice offer.. but not so nice for the monthly subscription, what's with the "9 KD with 1 fils per Kb" offer..! check the prices list below and correct me if i was wrong with that one...
  • 9 KD with 1 fils per Kb

  • 13 KD for 10 GB of usage

  • 25 KD for 10 GB of usage & 10 MB of usage while roaming.

  • Prepaid Blackberry service is also available for 4 kd a week, and you will also have to pay 1fils/kb.

*But one thing for sure is way better than Zain's offer is the 13 kd for 10 GB's of usage beats Zain's 14kd 1 GB of Usage!

Sources: Kuwait Unity - Blushberry - zDistrict


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